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Why is it new and what makes it different?

By drawing on science and technology, Höser has developed an entirely new creative process based on sound waves. Although his work can be assimilated to computer based vp.art, where "vp" stands for voice processing, Höser himself beleives his work to be closer to Renaissance painting than computer art.

For him, the complex technology used during the preparation is only a starting point for his artistic exploration, as he needs electronic apparel and latest software to "show the unvisible", the raw material of his art - soundwaves.

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The artist

Gunther Hoser

Günther Höser studied art at the Kunsthochschule in Hanover and social sciences in Hamburg (Germany), Nice and Paris (France). After being awarded the M.A.S. degree by the EHESS in Paris, he started his professional career at university in Nice and Aix en Provence.

In 1981 he left academia for the business sector. After ten years in upper management of a large French corporation, he founded his own language engineering company - WHP - in Sophia Antipolis (South of France).

Running a fast expanding business didn't leave enough time for painting, and a few years ago Günther sold his flourishing company to devote himself entirely to art. Together with his wife Colette, he developped a unique technology of "voice painting".

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A recent interview, where the artist talks about his work