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CUSTOMERS: For special inquiries, an update on your order status, or any other information you can't find an answer to on this site, please contact

PRESS & MEDIA: If you would write an article about and need information or high resolution photos, please contact us at

For inquiries regarding the web site, please contact


We would like to thank those who contributed to this project to make it happen:

Dave Cooper designed this site and contributed many ideas along with his thorough knowledge of web design. You can reach Dave at

Guy Parker, a talented painter himself, proofread the English text. Guy can be reached at

Sylvain Chauvin did the French translation. Sylvain can be reached at

Alexandra Manger did the German translation. Alexandra can be reached at

The contribution of translators is frequently undervalued, as they not only translate, but also spot inconsistencies, bugs and errors which have been overseen during the QA of the source language, thus helping to improve the original version as well.

There are many more, who helped and encouraged us. Although they don't want to be mentioned or known, we would like to thank them for their support.


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