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PR Newswire - Innovative Art on the French Riviera!

05.13.08, 4:05 AM ET

NICE, France, May 13 PR Newswire -- How would you like to hang a "painting of your voice" on your living room wall? New ideas are all about innovation, and occasionally come about from the inspiration and observations of atypical artists. Gunther Hoser is just that. A German artist living on the French Riviera, he uses high-tech tools to produce "portraits" from voice messages.

After all, a voice is just as unique as a fingerprint. And so, by processing sound files recorded through a system of spectrographic programs, Hoser manages to render all the voice's distinctive subtleties into an infinite spectrum of grays. These raw images are then processed by an array of graphic filters, developed by Hoser himself, to bring out "the voice's colors and shapes". His inspiration gives them the final touch. The result is what Hoser refers to as "the beauty of the human voice". In fact, he is convinced that the person's voice and the actual content of the message determine the end result.

In the past, Hoser has worked on unknown and famous voices alike. More recently, he created a series of works based on poems and stimulating expressions recorded with passers-by. He also works by commission: you can send him a voice message or record one directly on his site at Two weeks later, you will receive a striking framed picture, printed according to your choice on paper, canvas or even on a transparent support mounted in a back-lit frame: breathtaking effect guaranteed!

Gunther Hoser's works of art are remarkable given their clarity, vibrant colors and vigorous shapes. Perhaps the most surprising aspect is that although he uses cutting-edge technology to produce abstract art, Hoser sees himself as being closer to Renaissance painters than many of his contemporary peers. "Just like the Renaissance painters, I draw on the science and knowledge of my era" he explains. "Like them, I strive to attain knowledge through the senses, through emotions, shapes and rhythm, light and color." See more at

Published by PR Newswire on May 13, 2008

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