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Usually, your shipping costs will be added to the total price during the ordering procedure and displayed at the end. Prices include insurance.

You may choose either

  • Chronoposte Standard - Chronoposte International is the third largest European parcel operator. We suggest the very advantageous standard shipment rates, for an average delivery time of 3-5 days.
  • DHL Express Service - 75% more expensive than Chronoposte Standard, but delivery within 1-2 days.

All and all optional accessories are produced in our premises in France. When shipping framed by DHL to countries outside the EU, especially when mounted in backlit glowframes, shipping costs may become expensive. In this case, it would be more advantageous to order the unframed. We will sent it rolled and packed in a solid tube, thus reducing shipping costs by as much as 80%!

If you order three or more portraits for delivery to the same destination, please call us or send us an email to request a special "large order shipping rebate":

You should also contact us in case you get the message that there is "No shipping rate defined for your destination":

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